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Imaginative Christian Children's Books

For the finest Sunday school books, turn to D&L Bookshelf of Inspiration and Naomi Allen. Her kid-friendly Biblical parables are ideal for homeschooling and Sunday school alike. Children love the imaginative language and colorful illustrations that accompany Naomi's work.

The Lamb Learns His Lessons - The Christian's Lessons

A kind and loving shepherd tends his flock of sheep and goats. While Woolly the Lamb is sweet and well-loved, Draca the Goat is mean, selfish, and wicked. When the trusting Woolly is deceived by Draca, shepherd Emmanuel leaves his flock in search for him. This gentle parable carries incredible principles for a Christ-like character and provides life-long lessons. Specifically, it helps children avoid being deceived by wicked individuals. The story carries the great and wonderful Bible message of Redemption in a very simple way while being wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated.

My Bedtime Story
By Charity on December 12, 2012
"Beautiful story line with radiant colors and a sweet character named Woolly. My 4 and 6yr old loves it! Two thumbs up!!"

The Lamb Learns His Lessons

Awesome Life Lesson
By Sharonrose on December 13, 2012
"These days with Hollywood's large sweep on society it is very difficult to find books for our children which teaches Christian life lessons to help mold their character. This book exceptionally written with inspiration and devotion to God's word, brings this life lesson in full view for our kids. Now you don't have to worry about if a character in your bedtime story will scare your kids or give them a nightmare. Woolly is a sweet little lamb who followed the way of a goat thus bringing him to the Shepherd's side. Awesome, awesome story! Great job Naomi, keep writing. Looking forward for more of your work!!"

ABC - The Alphabet Threes

ABC - The Alphabet Threes

Encourage your child's early learning with this Animal Alphabet ABC book. The simple rhyming of the words makes learning easy and fun. It shows the letters in upper and lower cases, ensuring that your child becomes aware there are two kinds for each letter. Children learn to recognize each letter by associating it with a bright, colorful animal illustration. Not only does this book help build vocabulary skills, but it also has a number line (0 through 9), as well as standard colors, shapes, and even basic equation symbols. This way, your child gets all of the foundations of learning from just one book.

We Go To School – We Learn to Read We Learn to Write

School is the basic foundation of knowledge for a child. It provides the foundation for learning both socially and academically to help them succeed. It gives the chance to acquire knowledge in many different fields. The school environment also gives them the opportunity to share, learn to make friends and play well with others. At a tender age, is a good time to show them the importance of it.

School can be fun with a variety of hands-on and outdoor physical activities that would challenge them to develop their skills.

This simple yet powerful book is another tool to boost your child’s desire to attend school. With its colorful illustrations and the rhythm of the words, makes it fun to read while getting the message across. They can learn to read it by themselves or with the parent.

Activities are also included to help improve their learning abilities

We Go To School